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Picture of Katie Severt

Katie Severt

from Minneapolis

leading collaboration efforts to address pressing issues and foster growth.

Picture of Paul Engleson

Paul Engleson

from Minneapolis

...building bridges between diverse stakeholders to foster collaborative solutions for growth.

Picture of Ben Aase

Ben Aase

from Minneapolis

fostering collaboration, empowering stakeholders, and allocating resources for student growth.

Picture of Ted Christopher

Ted Christopher

from Minneapolis

developing the Volturnus and promoting renewable energy adoption throughout Minnesota.

Picture of Tim Bornholdt

Tim Bornholdt

from Minneapolis

promoting technological innovation and fostering collaboration among local businesses and organizations.

Picture of Dustin Bystrom

Dustin Bystrom

from Minneapolis

Addressing social and economic disparities for marginalized communities across Minnesota.

Picture of Josh Dahmes

Josh Dahmes

from Minneapolis

transforming businesses through innovative digital solutions and measurable marketing strategies.

Picture of Ivar Thorsteinsson

Ivar Thorsteinsson

from Iceland

transforming Minnesota's business landscape through innovative digital strategies and solutions.

Picture of Steven Witt

Steven Witt

from Minnesota

addressing pressing issues in education, economic development, and environmental concerns.

Picture of Sean Higgins

Sean Higgins

from Minnesota

revitalizing the digital landscape and empowering individuals through advanced technology.

Picture of Jeff Hemenway

Jeff Hemenway

from Minnesota

developing innovative strategies to foster economic growth and create job opportunities.

Picture of Pete Briguet

Pete Briguet

from Minneapolis

implementing innovative strategies to boost aerospace and cyber industries' growth.

Picture of Brian Plourde

Brian Plourde

from United States

implementing innovative solutions that address environmental sustainability and socioeconomic disparities.

Picture of Andrew Borene

Andrew Borene

from London

advocating for stronger cybersecurity measures and fostering public-private partnerships.

Picture of Laura Vitko

Laura Vitko

from Minnesota

implementing innovative strategies that address pressing issues facing the state.

Picture of Melanie Tomczak

Melanie Tomczak

from United States

harnessing nature's power to develop sustainable solutions for Minnesota's challenges.

Picture of Matt Thomason

Matt Thomason

from Minnesota

implementing sustainable practices and fostering economic growth for Minnesota.

Picture of Elizabeth Yang

Elizabeth Yang

from Minneapolis

improving leadership, team-building, and customer experiences for Minnesota-based businesses.

Picture of Irina Williams

Irina Williams

from Minneapolis

Driving innovation, enhancing operations, and fostering collaboration in Minnesota.

Picture of Justin Grammens

Justin Grammens

from Minnesota

empowering companies to embrace emerging technologies and drive business growth.

Picture of Taylor Livalska

Taylor Livalska

from Minnesota

Addressing healthcare and finance challenges through innovative strategies and reforms.

Picture of Andy Carroll

Andy Carroll

from Minneapolis

overseeing healthcare innovation and driving economic growth through strategic partnerships.

Picture of Bryan Crouch

Bryan Crouch

from Minnesota

mobilizing the community, optimizing operations, enhancing customer service, fostering collaboration

Picture of Dom Wharram

Dom Wharram

from Minnesota

tackling pressing issues, fostering growth, and promoting innovation in Minnesota.

Picture of Samuel Ndely

Samuel Ndely

from Minnesota

'I am working to transform Minnesota by implementing inclusive policies and programs.'

Picture of Maria Boland Ploessl

Maria Boland Ploessl

from Minnesota

fostering innovation, driving collaboration, and advancing diversity in Minnesota's tech sector.

Picture of Andy Lafrence

Andy Lafrence

from Minnesota

developing innovative partnerships and promoting sustainable economic growth in Minnesota.

Picture of Sabina Saksena

Sabina Saksena

from Minnesota

transforming Minnesota into a model state for smart, sustainable cities.

Picture of Frank Jaskulke

Frank Jaskulke

from Minneapolis

uniting and propelling Minnesota towards a future of innovative medical solutions.

Picture of Tawana Black

Tawana Black

from Minnesota

developing racial inclusive and equitable practices in businesses and communities.

Picture of Jay Beyer-Kropuenske

Jay Beyer-Kropuenske

from Minnesota

fostering collaboration, finding sustainable solutions, and empowering individuals for positive change.

Picture of Billy Mzenga

Billy Mzenga

from Minnesota

creating partnerships, implementing initiatives, and fostering innovation for positive change.

Picture of Will Prebel

Will Prebel

from Minnesota

empowering communities to embrace Web3 and create abundant futures.

Picture of Joel Crandall

Joel Crandall

from Minnesota

implementing innovative strategies to diversify the state's workforce and economy.

Picture of Matthew Lewis

Matthew Lewis

from Minneapolis

building strong partnerships to address key challenges and drive positive change.

Picture of Tyler Dow

Tyler Dow

from Minneapolis

creating innovative digital strategies that bridge gaps and foster collaboration.

Picture of Caidin Riley

Caidin Riley

from Minneapolis

launching innovative educational reforms and bridging educational disparities statewide.

Picture of Aswar Rahman

Aswar Rahman

from Minnesota

advocating for affordable housing, accessible healthcare, and quality education.

Picture of Mike Richards

Mike Richards

from Minnesota

Driving revenue growth, rescuing projects, fostering collaboration, mentoring teams for excellence.

Picture of Kyle Walker

Kyle Walker

from Minnesota

facilitating collaboration, fostering innovation, and leveraging technology for positive change.

Picture of Allison Alstrin

Allison Alstrin

from Minneapolis

...advocating for sustainable practices, promoting equitable education, and enforcing social justice.

Picture of Derek Rucker

Derek Rucker

from Minnesota

developing innovative solutions to address Minnesota's technological and data challenges.

Picture of Jamie Verbrugge

Jamie Verbrugge

from Minnesota

advocating for collaborative solutions that prioritize the well-being of all Minnesotans.

Picture of Jordan Humphrey

Jordan Humphrey

from Minnesota

addressing pressing issues such as automation and job displacement.

Picture of Joe Bodell

Joe Bodell

from Minnesota

finding innovative solutions to improve infrastructure, enhance education, and address environmental concerns.

Picture of Sean Lundy

Sean Lundy

from Minnesota

working to address housing affordability, education access, environmental sustainability, and economic growth.

Picture of Karla Henderson

Karla Henderson

from Bloomington

addressing healthcare disparities, improving education, and expanding economic opportunities for all.

Picture of Hillary Benson

Hillary Benson

from Minnesota

advocating for accessible and affordable housing solutions in Minnesota.

Picture of Colin Hirdman

Colin Hirdman

from Minnesota

creating innovative platforms that empower businesses and foster collaboration for shared prosperity.

Picture of Trevor Foster

Trevor Foster

from Minnesota

promoting blockchain adoption, NFT raffles, and AI-powered applications for Minnesota's advancement.

Picture of Lynn Smith

Lynn Smith

from Minneapolis

transforming the healthcare landscape through innovative technology and collaborations.

Picture of Nick Roseth

Nick Roseth

from Minnesota

helping organizations thrive and actively engaging in community development.

Picture of Lori Ryan

Lori Ryan

from Minnesota

...creating accessible AI solutions that empower individuals and businesses.

Picture of Adam Hjerpe

Adam Hjerpe

from Minnesota

...creating inclusive opportunities and empowering individuals to thrive.

Picture of Alex Becker

Alex Becker

from Minneapolis

boosting Minnesota's economy, expanding business opportunities, and driving positive change.

Picture of Jason Barney

Jason Barney

from Minneapolis

leading digital transformation efforts, improving services, and enhancing efficiency statewide.

Picture of Kaila Jordan Lillehei

Kaila Jordan Lillehei

from Minneapolis

addressing racial disparities, mitigating environmental challenges, and fostering a thriving economy.

Picture of John Reynolds

John Reynolds

from Minneapolis

create strategic partnerships and drive transformative change in healthcare and finance.

Picture of Tricia Balazovic

Tricia Balazovic

from Minnesota

improving care delivery, optimizing health plan management, and enhancing stakeholder collaboration.

Picture of Alison Gretz

Alison Gretz

from Minnesota

transforming Minnesota's individuals and organizations through radical candor and collaboration.

Picture of Flora Delaney

Flora Delaney

from Minneapolis

unleashing growth and innovation in the retail industry through strategic initiatives.

Picture of Rama Prasad

Rama Prasad

from Minneapolis

leveraging emerging technology to address healthcare accessibility, economic mobility, and community alignment..

Picture of Danny Gelfman

Danny Gelfman

from Minneapolis

addressing pressing issues, fostering collaboration, and driving positive change.

Picture of Norman Owens

Norman Owens

from Minneapolis

implementing innovative cloud solutions that enhance efficiency and security in public services.

Picture of Greg Swan

Greg Swan

from Minneapolis

driving meaningful connections, enhancing branding strategies, and fostering business growth.

Picture of Stacy Mays

Stacy Mays

from Minneapolis

working to implement innovative solutions that improve healthcare access and outcomes.

Picture of Sreenivasu Nutulapati

Sreenivasu Nutulapati

from Minnesota

driving technology initiatives, defining strategies, and providing expert guidance

Picture of Stephanie Servi

Stephanie Servi

from Minnesota

generating equitable opportunities through professional development.

Picture of Joel Hernandez

Joel Hernandez

from Minnesota

by uniting innovation, bridging gaps in education, and leveraging technology to empower learners for educational growth.

Picture of Hugh Murphy

Hugh Murphy

from Minneapolis

partnering with entrepreneurs and leaders to address unique challenges.

Picture of Todd Buelow

Todd Buelow

from Minnesota

'leveraging marketing technology to drive innovation and collaboration in Minnesota.'

Picture of Torben Rytt

Torben Rytt

from Minnesota

working to foster entrepreneurship and innovation in Minnesota's tech ecosystem.

Picture of Blake Koch

Blake Koch

from Minnesota

implementing innovative solutions to drive growth and unity in Minnesota.

Picture of Levi Weinhagen

Levi Weinhagen

from Minnesota

advocating for justice, equality, compassion, empathy, and inclusive creativity.

Picture of Nick Wassenberg

Nick Wassenberg

from Minnesota

leveraging technology, fostering collaboration, and addressing key issues.

Picture of Carl Atiya Swanson

Carl Atiya Swanson

from Minneapolis

facilitating cross-sector collaborations and implementing innovative solutions for Minnesota's challenges.

Picture of Meredith Englund

Meredith Englund

from Minnesota

automating family admin role and making Camperoni accessible for Minnesota parents.

Picture of Mary McKinley

Mary McKinley

from Minnesota

...addressing education inequality and expanding access to quality educational opportunities.

Picture of Kristin Dennewill

Kristin Dennewill

from Minnesota

helping businesses unite, transform, and achieve sustainable success in Minnesota.

Picture of Brendon Dennewill

Brendon Dennewill

from Minneapolis

partnering with local leaders to implement innovative economic development initiatives.

Picture of Nina Axelson

Nina Axelson

from Minnesota

...advocating for clean energy policies and fostering collaboration among stakeholders.

Picture of Jolly Nanda

Jolly Nanda

from Minneapolis

implementing innovative healthcare solutions for all citizens of Minnesota.

Picture of Grant Barrick

Grant Barrick

from Minneapolis

working to attract new investments, drive innovation, and foster collaboration.

Picture of Jonathan Dexter

Jonathan Dexter

from Minnesota

leveraging digital innovation to drive sustainable and profitable solutions statewide.

Picture of Melissa Spencer

Melissa Spencer

from Minneapolis

accelerating teams towards strategic goals for a united and transformed Minnesota.

Picture of Nick Tietz

Nick Tietz

from Minnesota

creating innovative programs to improve education and empower underprivileged communities.

Picture of Elena Imaretska

Elena Imaretska

from Minnesota

addressing climate change, advocating for education reform, and improving healthcare access.

Picture of John Pournoor

John Pournoor

from Minnesota

implementing innovative strategies to improve public health infrastructure and emergency response systems.

Picture of Jay Sivasailam

Jay Sivasailam

from Sivasailam

improving healthcare accessibility and fostering community engagement through innovative solutions.

Picture of Brian Peterson

Brian Peterson

from Minnesota

leading solutions to homelessness, ensuring housing stability, and fostering economic and social equality

Picture of Chad Larson

Chad Larson

from Minnesota

utilizing AI to enhance marketing communications to grow a more equitable economy.

Picture of Andrew Hecker

Andrew Hecker

from Minneapolis

driving innovation, maximizing growth opportunities, and reinforcing Midwestern values.

Picture of Colleen Rogers

Colleen Rogers

from United States

Engaging in inclusive dialogues and collaborative initiatives to foster unity.

Picture of Kristin Devine

Kristin Devine

from Minneapolis

improving business performance, fostering collaboration, and navigating legal complexities effectively.

Picture of Andrew Aarestad

Andrew Aarestad

from Minneapolis

transforming Minnesota's startup and business ecosystem through his expertise and support.

Picture of Elena Condos

Elena Condos

from Minneapolis

fostering inclusivity, empowering communities, and driving sustainable economic growth.

Picture of Kai Worrell

Kai Worrell

from Minneapolis,

advocating for technological advancements in healthcare access and delivery.

Picture of Anna Love

Anna Love

from Minneapolis

uniting communities, fostering innovation, and empowering individuals to create change.

Picture of Jean Machart

Jean Machart

from Minneapolis

bringing together healthcare leaders to implement digital and AI solutions.

Picture of Diane Rucker

Diane Rucker

from Minneapolis

"driving innovation and fostering economic growth in multiple industries."

Picture of Kjersti Duval

Kjersti Duval

from Minneapolis

implementing restorative planning strategies that promote sustainable urban development.

Picture of Wade Kallhoff

Wade Kallhoff

from Minneapolis

bridging communication gaps, fostering innovation, and building stronger relationships.

Picture of Molly Longbella

Molly Longbella

from Minnesota

improving educational resources, supporting teachers, and empowering the next generation.

Picture of Burgess Harrison

Burgess Harrison

from Minneapolis

implementing multi-channel marketing strategies to address health disparities in Minnesota.

Picture of Charlie Jacoby

Charlie Jacoby

from Minnesota

building strong partnerships and implementing cutting-edge automation solutions statewide.

Picture of Sufian Abu

Sufian Abu

from Minnesota

implementing innovative technology solutions to drive economic growth and efficiency.

Picture of Paul Cronin

Paul Cronin

from Minneapolis

supporting entrepreneurs and business owners to achieve breakthrough growth.

Picture of Cino Adelson

Cino Adelson

from Minnesota

facilitating strategic planning, enhancing leadership capabilities, and mediating conflicts.

Picture of Eric Duvall

Eric Duvall

from Minneapolis

strengthening health outcomes, improving healthcare savings, and enhancing provider relations.

Picture of Andy Jacobson

Andy Jacobson

from Minnesota

being the person you've been looking for!

Picture of Lisa Diebel

Lisa Diebel

from Minnesota

implementing innovative workforce development programs and fostering inclusive workplace cultures.

Picture of Laura Hedlund

Laura Hedlund

from Minnesota

educating business owners on effective marketing strategies and fostering collaboration.

Picture of Toopan Bagchi

Toopan Bagchi

from Minnesota

transforming Minnesota's economy through innovative growth strategies and sustainable development initiatives.

Picture of Faisal Kaleem

Faisal Kaleem

from Minnesota

improving information systems, securing vital infrastructure, and safeguarding sensitive data.

Picture of Tez Steinberg

Tez Steinberg

from Colorado

advocating for mental health, promoting resilience, and championing environmental sustainability.

Picture of Jon Hjelm

Jon Hjelm

from Minnesota

developing innovative clean technology solutions to power Minnesota's sustainable future.

Picture of Sarah Burt

Sarah Burt

from Minnesota

...implementing strategic branding campaigns that give businesses a competitive advantage.

Picture of Ben Aase

Ben Aase

from Minnesota

implementing innovative solutions that address pressing social and environmental challenges.

Picture of Anne Pryor

Anne Pryor

from Minneapolis

leading impactful workshops and mentoring individuals and businesses to excel.

Picture of Sam Fredin

Sam Fredin

from Chicago

organizing and leading innovation workshops to address healthcare disparities.

Picture of Leonard Searcy

Leonard Searcy

from Minnesota

creating powerful performances that shed light on social injustices.

Picture of Dan Wallace

Dan Wallace

from Minneapolis

collaborating with leaders, teams, and beyond to learn, create and grow.

Picture of Jackson Hales

Jackson Hales

from just down the street

promoting renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions, and sustainable agriculture.

Picture of Bret Givens

Bret Givens

from Dayton

implementing innovative strategies to drive economic growth.

Picture of Gordon Taylor

Gordon Taylor

from close by

developing innovative solutions for economic disparities, healthcare access, and education.

Picture of Allan Harris

Allan Harris

from just down the street

building coalitions and creating sustainable solutions for marginalized communities.

Picture of Dale Sims

Dale Sims

from just down the street

unifying diverse communities to address affordable housing and education issues.

Picture of Orlando Grino

Orlando Grino

from A short distance away

tackling issues such as affordable housing and education access.

Picture of Chris Richardson

Chris Richardson

from California

addressing education inequality and promoting economic growth.

Picture of Nicole Debevoise

Nicole Debevoise

from close by

'Advancing environmental sustainability and creating equitable access to resources.'

Picture of Ross Szlag

Ross Szlag

from United States

transforming education and investing in sustainable solutions.

Picture of Jon McGugin

Jon McGugin

from Ohio

streamlining procurement and emergency planning for Minnesota.

Picture of Steven Turek

Steven Turek

from United States

bringing together community members to address critical issues.

Picture of Robert Fookes

Robert Fookes

from Dayton

developing innovative programs for equal educational opportunities.

Picture of Lindsey Judd

Lindsey Judd

from Dayton

promoting sustainable agriculture and increasing access to affordable housing.

Picture of Al Amin Hossain

Al Amin Hossain

from Ohio

leveraging my expertise in technology to address Minnesota's challenges.

Picture of Orlando Martinez

Orlando Martinez

from California

improving roadways, reducing carbon footprint, and implementing sustainable technologies.

Picture of Michael Gangl

Michael Gangl

from Ohio

promoting sustainable development, affordable housing, and renewable energy.

Picture of Stephen Burke

Stephen Burke

from California

advocating for accessible and affordable housing policies in Minnesota

Picture of Caroline King

Caroline King

from Ohio

Advocating for equitable access to healthcare and mental health services.

Picture of Trauna James

Trauna James

from Ohio

developing effective programs and strategies to address transportation and infrastructure.

Picture of Brandon Largent

Brandon Largent

from Arizona

implementing Brandon's expertise to improve safety and promote sustainability.

Picture of Madeleine Thompson

Madeleine Thompson

from Washington

prioritizing access to healthcare, affordable housing, and fair wages.

Picture of Steven Smith

Steven Smith

from Dayton

building coalitions, listening, advocating, promoting equality and justice.

Picture of James Calvin

James Calvin

from Ohio

building bridges and cultivating relationships for community-driven solutions.

Picture of Michael Bentle

Michael Bentle

from Ohio

increasing access to affordable housing and improving educational equity.

Picture of Dana Allen

Dana Allen

from Ohio

Uniting communities and fostering collaboration to combat inequalities.

Picture of Norman Ma

Norman Ma

from United States

creating programs for better education and economic opportunities.

Picture of Curtis Jefferson

Curtis Jefferson

from Ohio

advocating for affordable housing and criminal justice reform.

Picture of Eugene Rogers

Eugene Rogers

from Ohio

Building coalitions to improve affordable housing and police accountability.

Picture of Elizabeth Hanson

Elizabeth Hanson

from United States

fostering relationships and building bridges across diverse communities.

Picture of Melissa Baumbarger

Melissa Baumbarger

from Ohio

developing innovative solutions to urgent issues in Minnesota.

Picture of Joseph Weideling

Joseph Weideling

from Ohio

"uniting cross-cutting security domains and digital collaboration for innovation."

Picture of Jason McGrogan

Jason McGrogan

from Dayton

creating innovative education, healthcare and environmental sustainability programs.

Picture of Rick Graves

Rick Graves

from Ohio

utilizing digital technology to optimize Minnesota's aerospace engineering practices.

Picture of William Pickl

William Pickl

from Ohio

addressing affordable housing, education reform, and healthcare disparities.

Picture of Karin Wright

Karin Wright

from United States

leading community organizing efforts for social justice and equality.

Picture of Michael Pietryga

Michael Pietryga

from Ohio

addressing economic inequality, racial disparities, and environmental concerns.

Picture of Michael Schneider

Michael Schneider

from Virginia

fostering collaboration between Minnesota's diverse communities.

Picture of Veronica Laski

Veronica Laski

from United States

empowering underrepresented communities and creating accessible resources.

Picture of Kraig Neer

Kraig Neer

from Ohio

advocating for affordable housing and tackling homelessness in Minnesota.

Picture of Kevin Hernandez-Cruz

Kevin Hernandez-Cruz

from United States

building partnerships to prioritize vulnerable communities' needs.

Picture of Michael Rein

Michael Rein

from Massachusetts

addressing issues of racial justice and equity through collaboration and action.



from Texas

implementing community-focused policies that promote sustainability and equity.

Picture of Gregory Roth

Gregory Roth

from Ohio

advocating for affordable housing and clean energy policies.

Picture of Emily Farley

Emily Farley

from United States

unifying communities, advocating for policies, and implementing change.

Picture of Rob Lorton

Rob Lorton

from United States

equipping underfunded schools with necessary resources.

Picture of Melissa Pescatore

Melissa Pescatore

from United States

addressing affordable housing, racial & economic inequality, and sustainability.

Picture of Peter Carros

Peter Carros

from United States

finding innovative solutions to complex problems faced by Minnesota industries.

Picture of Noah Demerly

Noah Demerly

from United States

implementing sustainable energy solutions and managing technological transitions.

Picture of Andy Stoll

Andy Stoll

from Missouri

Fostering a culture of innovation and community building.

Picture of Spring Moody

Spring Moody

from Minnesota

addressing affordable housing and expanding economic opportunity for all Minnesotans.

Picture of Delisa Grigsby

Delisa Grigsby

from Minnesota

building strong partnerships and fostering solidarity among communities.

Picture of Dirk DeYoung

Dirk DeYoung

from Minnesota

leveraging journalism and networks to promote economic and social change.

Picture of Sophia Lackens

Sophia Lackens

from Minnesota

Helping businesses and workers embrace remote work and explore tourism opportunities.

Picture of Mitch Schwartz

Mitch Schwartz

from Montreal

prioritizing team alignment and transparency for better collaboration.

Picture of Neil Klein

Neil Klein

from Stillwater

working to provide valuable insight

Picture of Mike Pfeiffer

Mike Pfeiffer

from California

advocating for policies that support entrepreneurship and small businesses.

Picture of Thomas Klein

Thomas Klein

from Minnesota

implementing innovative solutions to address critical challenges

Picture of David Boxer

David Boxer

from Minnesota

creating digital media solutions.

Picture of Alexander Skjong

Alexander Skjong

from Minnesota

cultivating content strategies.

Picture of Shelisa Demuth

Shelisa Demuth

from Minnesota

cultivating equity through entrepreneurship.

Picture of Scott Burns

Scott Burns

from Minnesota

connecting people, breaking down silos, and creating new opportunities.

Picture of Jeffrey Aguy

Jeffrey Aguy

from Minneapolis

leading innovation, improving infrastructure, and fostering change.

Picture of Adam Choe

Adam Choe

from Minnesota

Empowering Startups.

Picture of Kelvin Johnson

Kelvin Johnson

from Minnesota

uniting and leading communities.

Picture of Mu Okonkwo

Mu Okonkwo

from The United States

optimizing concessions, maximizing revenue, and enhancing guest experience.

Picture of Neela Mollgaard

Neela Mollgaard

from Minneapolis

leveraging relationships for holistic development.

Picture of Steve Grove

Steve Grove

from Minnesota

Employing, developing, and engaging stakeholders to bridge the opportunity gap.

Picture of Allison Barmann

Allison Barmann

from Minnesota

reviving local economies.

Picture of Richard Blaalid

Richard Blaalid

from The United States

uniting and improving technology.

Picture of John O'Neill

John O'Neill

from The United States

uniting and transforming

Picture of Gia Vitali

Gia Vitali

from Minnesota

leading campaigns and advocating for change.

Picture of David Diaz

David Diaz

from Ohio

executing strategic programs.

Picture of Collin Cutler

Collin Cutler

from Dayton

facilitating project growth.

Picture of Christen Walden

Christen Walden

from Dayton

uplifting communities.

Picture of Steven Turek

Steven Turek

from The United States

applying Digital Maturity Assessment processes.

Picture of Keith Lucas

Keith Lucas

from Ohio

modernizing its digital infrastructure.

Picture of Ryan Mcneal

Ryan Mcneal

from South Carolina

driving digital change.

Picture of Noah Demerly

Noah Demerly

from The United States

optimizing software tools and processes.

Picture of Kyle Hurst

Kyle Hurst

from Ohio

leveraging my Air Force background and experience with Digital Transformation

Picture of Ag Breitenstein

Ag Breitenstein

from Boston

improving healthcare access.

Picture of Andrew Cone

Andrew Cone

from Minnesota

innovating, developing, and partnering.

Picture of Adam Cohen

Adam Cohen

from Minneapolis

Facilitating complex initiatives.

Picture of Alain Biriotti

Alain Biriotti

from Paris

revitalizing communities.

Picture of Alfonso Tomas Wenker

Alfonso Tomas Wenker

from Minnesota

advocating for equitable policy.

Picture of Baptiste Carriere-Pradal

Baptiste Carriere-Pradal

from Netherlands

promoting sustainability.

Picture of Bill Burck

Bill Burck

from India

leading groups and organizations through change.

Picture of Bob Barker

Bob Barker

from Tonbridge

transforming digital literacy.

Picture of Jared Bui

Jared Bui

from California

leveraging data and developing innovative e-commerce systems.

Picture of Brye Vankerk

Brye Vankerk

from Minneapolis

leading, coaching, mentoring, developing, partnering.

Picture of Charles Bracken

Charles Bracken

from Detroit

Creating innovative solutions.

Picture of Chris Carlisle

Chris Carlisle

from St. Paul

acting as trusted advisor.

Picture of Dave Boselie

Dave Boselie

from The Hague

Advocating for sustainable growth.

Picture of Emily Torgrimson

Emily Torgrimson

from Minneapolis

building relationships, communicating effectively, and initiating change.

Picture of Gina Markoe

Gina Markoe

from St Paul

Building relationships and leveraging skills.

Picture of David Christie

David Christie

from London

Engaging, Inspiring, and Contributing.

Picture of Jennifer Corriero

Jennifer Corriero

from Ontario

engaging youth through digital media.

Picture of Jeffrey Cloninger

Jeffrey Cloninger

from Greater Chicago

empowering, finding, turning, creating, and effecting.

Picture of Janet Cataldo

Janet Cataldo

from Minneapolis

effecting change through strategy.

Picture of Jill Bjornton

Jill Bjornton

from Minneapolis

achieving measurable results.

Picture of Joey Arora

Joey Arora

from Denver

Accelerating innovation, creating access, and fostering change.

Picture of Joshua Braund

Joshua Braund

from Minnesota

catalyzing positive change.

Picture of Kate Kahled

Kate Kahled

from Minneapolis

Activating equitable strategies.

Picture of Katharina Borchert

Katharina Borchert

from California

encouraging, connecting, and empowering.

Picture of Lee Bryant

Lee Bryant

from London

developing innovative systems.

Picture of Liza Hyman

Liza Hyman

from New York

collaborating with luxury brands.

Picture of Matthew Carpenter-Arevalo

Matthew Carpenter-Arevalo

from Quito Canton

financing conservation and reforestation.

Picture of Matt Chambers

Matt Chambers

from McKinney

improving metrics, building teams, and strategizing.

Picture of Margarita Constantinides Mattley

Margarita Constantinides Mattley

from California

Leading initiatives and driving change.

Picture of Melissa Church

Melissa Church

from Todd

Facilitating business success, leveraging synergies, and maximizing resources.

Picture of Marcus Leef

Marcus Leef

from Connecticut

Executing strategic vision.

Picture of Nicolette Brant

Nicolette Brant

from Spokane

driving long-term improvements.

Picture of Phil Terril

Phil Terril

from St. Paul

building sustainable communities.

Picture of Randy Bunker

Randy Bunker

from Minnesota

expanding services.

Picture of Rodney Brickl

Rodney Brickl

from Seattle

fostering organizational change.

Picture of Scott Conklin

Scott Conklin

from Minnesota

fostering change, improving performance, and developing leaders.

Picture of Sita Magnuson

Sita Magnuson

from Easthampton

catalyzing communities and co-creating.

Picture of Sue Borchardt

Sue Borchardt

from Maryland

collaborating to support thriving.

Picture of Tom Boehning

Tom Boehning

from Connecticut

Leveraging knowledge and experience.

Picture of Tony Baird

Tony Baird

from The United States

uniting and empowering communities.

Picture of Trina Olson

Trina Olson

from Minnesota

disrupting racism and sexism.

Picture of Troy Caraway

Troy Caraway

from Des Moines

leading health care change.

Picture of Mark Billmayer

Mark Billmayer

from St. Paul

catalyzing market entry and growth.

Picture of Max Bailey

Max Bailey

from Greater Toulouse

creating change.

Picture of Lars Blackmore

Lars Blackmore

from the neighborhood

cultivating innovation.

Picture of Jordan Husney

Jordan Husney

from Alhambra

Facilitating Digital-Enabled Change.

Picture of Marga Biller

Marga Biller

from Cambridge

fostering collaboration and building relationships.

Picture of Jared Bleak

Jared Bleak

from Las Vegas

unifying, developing, and leading.

Picture of Todd Blake

Todd Blake

from Greater Indianapolis

optimizing IT systems.

Picture of Kate Bischoff

Kate Bischoff

from Minneapolis

Advocating for improved HR practices.

Picture of Kary Bheemaiah

Kary Bheemaiah

from France

transforming Minnesota.

Picture of Reena Bhatia

Reena Bhatia

from San Francisco

leading transformation initiatives.

Picture of Betty Dhamers

Betty Dhamers

from a stone's throw away

advancing equity and justice.

Picture of Aaron Deboer

Aaron Deboer

from Aurora

optimizing healthcare access.

Picture of Daniel Bidinger

Daniel Bidinger

from just down the street

innovating solutions.

Picture of David Berglund

David Berglund

from a few blocks away

empowering diverse communities.

Picture of Moritz Becker

Moritz Becker

from the vicinity

Advocating For Change.

Picture of Meredith Baratz

Meredith Baratz

from the neighborhood

catalyzing positive change.

Picture of Yaneer Bar-Yam

Yaneer Bar-Yam

from Cambridge

developing solutions.

Picture of Janice Baker

Janice Baker

from Boise

Building, Developing, Creating, and Cultivating.

Picture of Adrien Angliviel

Adrien Angliviel

from Paris

Leveraging collective intelligence.

Picture of Bojan Angelov

Bojan Angelov

from the vicinity

Advancing Sustainable Solutions.

Picture of Aneesa Anderson

Aneesa Anderson

from Austin

uniting and executing events.

Picture of Rahul Andrews

Rahul Andrews

from Pune

accelerating evolution, adapting to change.

Picture of Steven Amato

Steven Amato

from a stone's throw away

Innovating Progressively.

Picture of Travis Winkey

Travis Winkey

from Eden Prairie

uniting and expanding businesses.

Picture of Josh Allen Dykstra

Josh Allen Dykstra

from Denver

innovating, inspiring, and leading.

Picture of Lawrence Aldridge

Lawrence Aldridge

from Pasadena

innovating and collaborating.

Picture of Andy Alasso

Andy Alasso

from Belmont

uniting, innovating, and empowering.

Picture of Deborah Adler

Deborah Adler

from Virginia Beach

advancing healthcare access and affordability.

Picture of Melissa Adams

Melissa Adams

from Monticello

uniting and inspiring people.

Picture of Abraham Don

Abraham Don

from New York City

leading, creating, and facilitating.

Picture of Rana Aboamra

Rana Aboamra

from close by

participating in RC13 and IPSA.

Picture of Pierre-Louis Abel

Pierre-Louis Abel

from a stone's throw away

catalyzing meaningful change.

Picture of Rick Landeis

Rick Landeis

from St. Paul

driving performance, building loyalty, and increasing revenue.

Picture of Kimo Kippen

Kimo Kippen

from Washington

advancing education, global labor, and economic empowerment.

Picture of Greg Wachtler

Greg Wachtler

from New York

creating innovative solutions.

Picture of Ian Stanton

Ian Stanton

from Florida

Advocating Equality.

Picture of David Hodgson

David Hodgson

from California

catalyzing & accelerating regeneration.

Picture of Jeremy Price

Jeremy Price

from Connecticut

influencing, listening, problem-solving, and coaching.

Picture of Avary Kent

Avary Kent

from California

advocating Reproductive Justice.

Picture of Claudia Brenner

Claudia Brenner

from California

Integrating systems globally.

Picture of Evan Steiner

Evan Steiner

from a few blocks away

creating equitable systems.

Picture of Corie Radka

Corie Radka

from New York

Activating capital equitably.

Picture of John Nackel

John Nackel

from California

Leveraging my expertise.

Picture of David Aubespin

David Aubespin

from New York

creating innovative recipes.

Picture of Zack Johnson

Zack Johnson

from a few blocks away

advocating for progress.

Picture of Terence Steinberg

Terence Steinberg

from a few blocks away

cultivating innovation.

Picture of Thomas Oneill

Thomas Oneill

from Excelsior

uniting and driving impact.

Picture of Glafira Marcon

Glafira Marcon

from San Francisco

mobilizing teams and magnifying impact.

Picture of Laine Joelson

Laine Joelson

from New York

building strong relationships and achieving lasting change.

Picture of Tom Biggins

Tom Biggins

from Concord

Contributing, Creating, Developing, Implementing, Tagging, Refactoring.

Picture of Ron Ayers

Ron Ayers

from Waltham

innovating and advocating.

Picture of Keith Narr

Keith Narr

from Anoka

promoting digital solutions safely.

Picture of Curt Medeiros

Curt Medeiros

from Miami

driving healthcare innovation and growth.

Picture of Eric Berger

Eric Berger

from New York

implementing strategies.

Picture of Muhammad Abushaqra

Muhammad Abushaqra

from the neighborhood

developing systems-driven solutions.

Picture of Dan Kinsella

Dan Kinsella

from Parsippany

transforming communities.

Picture of Mike Jacobs

Mike Jacobs

from Rochester

Leading innovation initiatives

Picture of Gabor Nagy

Gabor Nagy

from San Francisco

inspiring people to create workplaces.

Picture of Joel Haugen

Joel Haugen

from Minnesota

improving patient/member outcomes.

Picture of Aaron Miller

Aaron Miller

from Denver

creating innovative solutions.

Picture of Ted Christopher

Ted Christopher

from Minnesota

Re-imaging how to harness the power of flowing water on our planet.

Picture of Carl Kime

Carl Kime

from Washington

Uniting Federal and Local Efforts.

Picture of Josh Straka

Josh Straka

from Minnesota

addressing poverty, education, and healthcare disparities across the state.

Picture of Richard Senese

Richard Senese

from St. Paul

advocating for human rights

Picture of Dan Atkins

Dan Atkins

from Minneapolis

Collaborating and Engaging

Picture of Andy Slavitt

Andy Slavitt

from around the corner

catalyzing innovation

Picture of Tom Valdivia

Tom Valdivia

from Minneapolis

leading healthcare innovation

Picture of Eric Frost

Eric Frost

from Minneapolis

innovating businesses

Picture of Brandon Small

Brandon Small

from Minneapolis

Creating equitable economic solutions.

Picture of Jason Cussler

Jason Cussler

from Minneapolis

uniting and empowering students.

Picture of Sean Murphy

Sean Murphy

from Minneapolis

catalyzing collaboration

Picture of Patrick Comer

Patrick Comer

from New Orleans

uniting, transforming, believing, creating, collaborating, and communicating.

Picture of Cheria Scaffidi

Cheria Scaffidi

from Louisiana

uniting and empowering communities.

Picture of Rob Lalka

Rob Lalka

from New Orleans

through AI, entrepreneurship, mentorship, connecting, governance, and inspiring.

Picture of Sean Mulligan

Sean Mulligan

from Greater New

by using my skills to create innovative solutions and foster meaningful connections.

Picture of Elizabeth Maxwell

Elizabeth Maxwell

from The United States

utilizing diverse skills to create innovative solutions for Minnesota.

Picture of Jon Atkinson

Jon Atkinson

from New Orleans

catalyzing entrepreneurship and innovation, incubating new companies, accelerating existing ones.

Picture of Sofi Giglio

Sofi Giglio

from New Orleans

by creating a more sustainable and equitable future

Picture of Lindsey Roussel

Lindsey Roussel

from New Orleans

by fostering unity, creating inclusivity, and empowering communities

Picture of Tim Williamson

Tim Williamson

from New Orleans

by connecting, inspiring, and building bridges

Picture of Rick Hardy

Rick Hardy

from Minneapolis

Accelerating Innovation.

Picture of Matthew Kinney

Matthew Kinney

from Minnesota

uniting and connecting people, resources, and ideas to create positive change

Picture of Steve Gudvangen

Steve Gudvangen

from Minnesota

Facilitating Optum-driven Multi-Disciplinary Solutions.

Picture of Nick Seme

Nick Seme

from a few blocks away

connecting diverse leaders to discuss important topics and create positive change

Picture of Heather Willems

Heather Willems

from Minneapolis

helping teams unlock their creative potential

Picture of Dawn Kessler

Dawn Kessler

from Minneapolis

leveraging human capital.

Picture of Anne Rucker

Anne Rucker

from Minneapolis

collaborating, learning, and having meaningful conversations

Picture of David Merryfield

David Merryfield

from Minneapolis

leveraging my M&A and operational improvement expertise

Picture of Matt Mithun

Matt Mithun

from Minnesota

connecting, networking, learning, engaging, collaborating, inspiring

Picture of Peter Barry

Peter Barry

from Minnesota

using AI, creativity, collaboration and innovation

Picture of Jason Prigge

Jason Prigge

from Hamel

uniting, driving change, reducing costs, increasing efficiency, finding solutions, and innovating

Picture of Brian Murray

Brian Murray

from around the corner

uniting people, creating positive change, and offering transformation

Picture of Chris Goldsmith

Chris Goldsmith

from Minneapolis

Leading AbsoluteCare Medical Practices.

Picture of Tim Raducha-Grace

Tim Raducha-Grace

from Minneapolis

collaborating, acquiring, and improving insights

Picture of Torben Rytt

Torben Rytt

from Minneapolis

Uniting and collaborating with leaders from all walks of life

Picture of Peter Klein

Peter Klein

from Minneapolis

harnessing AI, social selling, and empathetic leadership

Picture of Connie White Delaney

Connie White Delaney

from Minneapolis

leading higher education initiatives.

Picture of Vince Pecoraro

Vince Pecoraro

from Dayton

leveraging my Air Force background and experience with digital transformation.

Picture of Tom Kehner

Tom Kehner

from Atlanta

leveraging his international expertise to drive positive impact and change

Picture of Abena Fosua Manso

Abena Fosua Manso

from the vicinity

Advancing equity and collaboration.

Picture of Braulio Bucio

Braulio Bucio

from Atlanta

helping to foster positive relationships

Picture of Yohei Nakajima

Yohei Nakajima

from Seattle

Bring resources and opportunities to all communities

Picture of Ben Peterson

Ben Peterson

from Washington, D.C.

using his expertise in political strategy and community building

Picture of Alan Page

Alan Page

from St. Paul

fostering sustainable growth.

Picture of Henry Labounta

Henry Labounta

from Minneapolis

inspiring change.

Picture of Kathleen Cannon

Kathleen Cannon

from St. Paul

problem-solving to support organizations and individuals

Picture of Claudia Fierro-Poppen

Claudia Fierro-Poppen

from St. Paul

innovations in the fields of health and wellness

Picture of Amanda Lagrange

Amanda Lagrange

from Minneapolis

using business as a solution for injustice and improving the environment.

Picture of Bill George

Bill George

from Minneapolis

drive positive change and transformation

Picture of David Fhima

David Fhima

from Minneapolis

promote innovation and collaboration

Picture of Nancy Lyons

Nancy Lyons

from Minneapolis

valuable insights and perspectives

Picture of Tom O'Neill

Tom O'Neill

from Excelsior

making positive in communities and beyond

Picture of John Harrington

John Harrington

from St. Paul

leading change initiatives.

Picture of Sarah Strommen

Sarah Strommen

from St. Paul

Enhancing Soil Resources.

Picture of Jan Malcolm

Jan Malcolm

from Minneapolis

catalyzing positive change.

Picture of Mary Cathryn Ricker

Mary Cathryn Ricker

from St. Paul

motivating educational leaders, fostering learning and community-building.

Picture of Julie Blaha

Julie Blaha

from St. Paul

advocating for innovative policies and solutions.

Picture of Ryan Broshar

Ryan Broshar

from St. Paul

making ideas reality

Picture of Danielle Steer

Danielle Steer

from Minneapolis

inspiring change.

Picture of Brett Brohl

Brett Brohl

from Minneapolis

passion for entrepreneurship

Picture of David Durenberger

David Durenberger

from a few blocks away

'advocating for cross-sector partnerships that address pressing issues.'

Picture of Dean Barkley

Dean Barkley

from Minnesota

empowering citizens, promoting innovation, and protecting our environment

Picture of Jonathan Swoyer

Jonathan Swoyer

from Minneapolis

cultivating International Relations.

Picture of Kristine Shelstad

Kristine Shelstad

from Madison

'engaging in community and volunteer involvement, and promoting innovation.'

Picture of Katie Blue

Katie Blue

from Anoka

Unifying Army Commanders.

Picture of Sean Mccullough

Sean Mccullough

from St. Paul

creating unique opportunities for Military Veteran Business Owners in their Next Step.

Picture of Sean Nolan

Sean Nolan

from St. Paul

Leverage Operational Improvements to Enhance Productivity.

Picture of Zachary Koutz

Zachary Koutz

from St. Paul

optimizing contract portfolio value and personnel deployment.

Picture of Drew Addis

Drew Addis

from Minneapolis

innovating effectively.

Picture of John Pletcher

John Pletcher

from Lake Elmo

catalyzing progress.

Picture of Robert Kava

Robert Kava

from Minneapolis

creating lasting relationships through strategic models.

Picture of Anthony Meseck

Anthony Meseck

from St Cloud

Forming Contingency Contracts.

Picture of Gwendolyn Davis

Gwendolyn Davis

from Princeton

optimizing government contracting.

Picture of Meaghan Nelson

Meaghan Nelson

from Minneapolis

strengthening US Department of Interior.

Picture of Willa St John

Willa St John

from Lanesboro

strengthening the economy and unifying government initiatives.

Picture of Andrew Schoenecker

Andrew Schoenecker

from St. Paul

cultivating new ideas.

Picture of David Chesnut

David Chesnut

from St. Paul

leveraging my expertise in contract management and source selection.

Picture of Erin K Hansch

Erin K Hansch

from Carver

leading innovative procurement,

Picture of Matt Gatton

Matt Gatton

from Lakeville

inspiring positive change.

Picture of Daniel Fleck

Daniel Fleck

from St. Paul

building Veteran Infrastructure.

Picture of Nick Cota

Nick Cota

from Minneapolis

Building Relationships and Developing Players.

Picture of Matthew Lynch

Matthew Lynch

from St Paul

Interfacing, Enhancing, and Growing.

Picture of Eric Di Natale

Eric Di Natale

from St. Paul

empowering individuals to become leaders in their communities.

Picture of Kris Kluge

Kris Kluge

from Mound

Leading Veterans Affairs Contracts.

Picture of Jonathon Guyer

Jonathon Guyer

from St Cloud

creating CX measurements.

Picture of Jason Frye

Jason Frye

from St. Paul

advocating for policy issues.

Picture of Timothy Smaker

Timothy Smaker

from St. Paul

Unlocking International Acuity.

Picture of Marissa Luna

Marissa Luna

from Minneapolis

Advancing Alliance For A Better MN.

Picture of Lindsay Turner

Lindsay Turner

from St. Paul

networking and advocating for the MN Second Chance Coalition.

Picture of Kelly Haff

Kelly Haff

from St. Paul

Developing Strategies.

Picture of Megan M.

Megan M.

from The United States

(Re)envisioning Peace + Justice.

Picture of One Yang

One Yang

from St Paul

Advancing elder care in the area.

Picture of Green Tyeastia

Green Tyeastia

from Minneapolis

eliminating racism in institutions, structures, and policies.

Picture of Melissa Wobig

Melissa Wobig

from Rochester

developing inclusion and acceptance strategies.

Picture of Patricia George

Patricia George

from Beaverton

galvanizing diverse perspectives to be an innovative, strategic, self-motivated leader.

Picture of Elizabeth Mukewa

Elizabeth Mukewa

from Kenya

Empowering Gender Equity.

Picture of Deena Barker

Deena Barker

from St Paul

driving vibrant, inclusive initiatives.

Picture of Kartik Sheth

Kartik Sheth

from Washington

empowering local leaders to create impactful, sustainable solutions.

Picture of Bex Canner

Bex Canner

from Livingston

advocating health equity, educating patients, and effecting positive change.

Picture of Joe Rand

Joe Rand

from Clearwater

Developing DEI programs for university students, stakeholders, and senior leaders.

Picture of Kathleen Thomas

Kathleen Thomas

from St. Paul

catalyzing change.

Picture of Ngoc Nguyen

Ngoc Nguyen

from Chicago

fostering equitable solutions, inspiring enthusiasm, and accommodating multiple objectives.

Picture of Sarah Elliott

Sarah Elliott

from Minneapolis

bringing diverse healthcare leaders together to bridge social divides.

Picture of Anna Casey

Anna Casey

from Minneapolis

Creative strategy, copywriting and social media branding

Picture of Tanner Angelo

Tanner Angelo

from Minnesota

Skilled communication/helping Minnesotans with fundraising

Picture of Rachel Finkle

Rachel Finkle

from Minneapolis

Experience in marketing, social media, and creativity.

Picture of Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson

from Minnesota

professional writing, sports expert and content creation.

Picture of Jordan Hansen

Jordan Hansen

from St. Paul

optimizing healthcare strategies.

Picture of Aashiish Agnihotri

Aashiish Agnihotri

from Maple Grove

Empowering communities.

Picture of Brian Plourde

Brian Plourde

from St. Paul

cultivating inclusivity.

Picture of Michelle Maryns

Michelle Maryns

from Minneapolis

Equipping entrepreneurs with AI-powered tools to succeed

Picture of Jeff Thielen

Jeff Thielen

from Minneapolis

helping others succeed through guidance and strategy

Picture of David J Geslin

David J Geslin

from Minneapolis

helping people with their businesses

Picture of Joseph Connolly

Joseph Connolly

from Minneapolis

empowering women's healthcare access

Picture of Fred Stelter

Fred Stelter

from just down the street

empowering citizens.

Picture of Nneka Sederstrom

Nneka Sederstrom

from Prior Lake

Advocating for health equity

Picture of Angie Eilers

Angie Eilers

from St. Louis Park

helping students achieve a post-secondary degree

Picture of Wayne Kangas

Wayne Kangas

from Chisholm

catalyzing positive change.

Picture of Mohamed Warsame

Mohamed Warsame

from Mounds View

catalyzing collaboration.

Picture of Kara Jaehnert

Kara Jaehnert

from Carver

creating innovative value-based payment models and empowering teen moms.

Picture of Troy Paige

Troy Paige

from Georgia

elite grandpa skills plus innovation and crowdsourcing

Picture of Tessa Manahan

Tessa Manahan

from Arizona

Empowering women through better event design

Picture of Steve Downer

Steve Downer

from Montana

implementing game changing game design

Picture of Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson

from Montana

simplifying complex ideas in beautiful ways

Picture of Nikia Brautovich

Nikia Brautovich

from The United States

empowering local communities with best-in-class writing

Picture of Nathalia Luna

Nathalia Luna

from Minneapolis

decisively, digitally, delivering results with technological brilliance and global community empowerment.

Picture of Michelle Kelley

Michelle Kelley

from Georgia

supporting, financing, sharing and giving back

Picture of Lisa Layton

Lisa Layton

from Georgia

uniting and improving financial operations

Picture of Josh Kaplan

Josh Kaplan

from Las Vegas

implementing innovative tech solutions for Minnesota residents

Picture of Jonah Evans

Jonah Evans

from Louisiana

facilitating the difficult, dynamic societal and political challenges

Picture of Jason Chen

Jason Chen

from Nevada

innovating, connecting and laughing with deep support

Picture of Jack Burgess

Jack Burgess

from California

crafting, skating, designer and producing real change

Picture of Heather Wilde Renze

Heather Wilde Renze

from Nevada

working to foster collaboration among entrepreneurs

Picture of Giovanna Paolinelli

Giovanna Paolinelli

from Nevada

solving all your problems

Picture of Elise Hufano

Elise Hufano

from California

connecting, collaboration and facilitating the most difficult challenges

Picture of David Roberts

David Roberts

from California

helping balance and accelerate change

Picture of Colter Lease

Colter Lease

from Montana

art directing our way to transformation

Picture of Christopher Jones

Christopher Jones

from Montana

drawing, singing and designer a more equitable future

Picture of Caroline Burke

Caroline Burke

from New York

killing it with kindness

Picture of Brian Kehner

Brian Kehner

from Georgia

Bringing energy and expertise to every endeavor.

Picture of Brandon Klein

Brandon Klein

from St. Paul

inspiring a better way to work

Picture of Amanda Caldwell

Amanda Caldwell

from Texas

project managing and adding flair to results

Picture of Adam Bucceri

Adam Bucceri

from Montana

advocating for change.

Picture of Brian Bowen

Brian Bowen

from Bloomington

developing a sustainable growth strategy for the Twin Cities

Picture of Mark Mulvahill

Mark Mulvahill

from St. Paul

cultivating new technologies and solutions for all

Picture of Phil Terrill

Phil Terrill

from South Saint Paul

writing, creating, building and serving all

Picture of Tyler Olson

Tyler Olson

from Minneapolis

advancing cybersecurity solutions.

Picture of Rock Schindler

Rock Schindler

from Plymouth

giving you faster, better access to the critical information

Picture of Mary Tucker

Mary Tucker

from Wayzata

cultivating new relationships and helping form successful partnerships

Picture of Scott Brown

Scott Brown

from Minneapolis

catalyzing progress.

Picture of Goutham Vemuri

Goutham Vemuri

from St. Paul

inspiring positive change.

Picture of Beth Lindborg

Beth Lindborg

from Apple Valley

restoring, regenerating, and repairing joints of fellow Bold North residents

Picture of Jimmy Gosse

Jimmy Gosse

from Crookston

partnering with AURI to develop agricultural products

Picture of Daniel Spors

Daniel Spors

from Minneapolis

Developing Respiratory Sciences Inc.

Picture of Andrew Brown

Andrew Brown

from St. Paul

bringing cross functional leadership to everyone

Picture of Ryan Mccleary

Ryan Mccleary

from Farwell

cultivating innovative solutions.

Picture of Johnathon Aho

Johnathon Aho

from Rochester

regulatory compliance and submissions for everyone

Picture of Dan Que Pham

Dan Que Pham

from St. Paul

Inspiring Change.

Picture of Eddie Arpin

Eddie Arpin

from St. Paul

bringing engineering and iOS skills to everyone

Picture of Grady Hannah

Grady Hannah

from Hopkins

Developing NightWare.

Picture of Christopher Minar

Christopher Minar

from Excelsior

solving healthcare founders needs

Picture of Sue Marshall

Sue Marshall

from Minneapolis

bringing positive change to all communities

Picture of Allisa Song

Allisa Song

from Rochester

using social determinants of health

Picture of Jordan Holm

Jordan Holm

from Minneapolis

bringing Olympic wrestling mindset and victory to the Great North

Picture of Sarah Worrell

Sarah Worrell

from Minneapolis

uniting health, tech and deep experience

Picture of Jeff Liter

Jeff Liter

from Minneapolis

developing innovative solutions to unite and transform Minnesota's future.

Picture of John Hauck

John Hauck

from St. Paul

Advancing social justice.

Picture of Wesley Wierson

Wesley Wierson

from Rochester

enabling gene editing for positive impact on the Great North

Picture of Brian Gezella

Brian Gezella

from Eden Prairie

empowering Maple Grove to go global

Picture of Martin Wetherall

Martin Wetherall

from St. Louis Park

bringing drones to improve daily life

Picture of Michael Moran

Michael Moran

from Rogers

advancing sustainability.

Picture of Sean Benson

Sean Benson

from Minneapolis

Improving Healthcare with Information Technology and Procedure Documentation.

Picture of Jon St Germain

Jon St Germain

from Maple Grove

empowering individuals and communities.

Picture of Bradford Hancock

Bradford Hancock

from Eden Prairie

catalyzing meaningful change

Picture of John Velure

John Velure

from Bloomington

Advancing Equity & Inclusion.

Picture of Timothy Childs

Timothy Childs

from Minneapolis

utiliizing milimeter size solutions for gigameter sized problems

Picture of Richard Minicus

Richard Minicus

from St. Paul

locking in development finance for thousands more

Picture of Courtney Hill

Courtney Hill

from Arden Hills

supporting children and gamechanging solutions

Picture of Scott Snyder

Scott Snyder

from Rochester

eradicating chronic disease

Picture of Dionne Gumbs

Dionne Gumbs

from Plymouth

transforming the way SMB data is used to for better financial outcomes

Picture of Dan Sachs

Dan Sachs

from Minneapolis

Inspiring Positive Change.

Picture of Brian Bechard

Brian Bechard

from St. Paul

implementing novel business models statewide

Picture of Natasha Gaffer

Natasha Gaffer

from Minneapolis

accelerating our transition to reusable food packaging

Picture of Dana Anderson

Dana Anderson

from Faribault

advancing environmental causes and sustainability

Picture of Scott Robinson

Scott Robinson

from Eagan

innovating vigorously.

Picture of Katie Kelley Dorn

Katie Kelley Dorn

from Excelsior

collaboratively activating strategic transformation.

Picture of Jeffrey Sugerman

Jeffrey Sugerman

from Minneapolis

empowering individuals and organizations to reach their potential through education

Picture of Kevin Spanbauer

Kevin Spanbauer

from Lakeville

building bridges between all constituents big or small

Picture of Tim Welle

Tim Welle

from Rochester

taking community ideas and driving them to real products and solutions for our state

Picture of Wessam Sonbol

Wessam Sonbol

from Golden Valley

Delving Health.

Picture of Ryan Davenport

Ryan Davenport

from Minneapolis

improving health, safety and innovation in our great state

Picture of Brian Larson

Brian Larson

from Excelsior

Identifying Targeted Financial Solutions.

Picture of Greg d'Alessandro

Greg d'Alessandro

from Loretto

bringing startup grit and vision to disrupt the status quo

Picture of Jody Crowe

Jody Crowe

from Crystal

focusing on school safety and our childrens future

Picture of Miguel Tupas

Miguel Tupas

from Nevada

dancing, selling and promoting positive change

Picture of Joseph Paolinelli

Joseph Paolinelli

from Nevada

computer programming, Jira masterminding and problem solving

Picture of Aljenne Nicole Ambos

Aljenne Nicole Ambos

from Nevada

building new products, helping people and fostering change

Picture of Jay Punnackal

Jay Punnackal

from a few blocks away

catalyzing progress.

Picture of Erin Ackley

Erin Ackley

from the vicinity

empowering communities.

Picture of Elise Chisholm Clare

Elise Chisholm Clare

from Washington

communicating in new ways that shift thinking for true change

Picture of Chrystina Meador Balmer

Chrystina Meador Balmer

from Washington

Engaging Strategically.

Picture of Christian Parent

Christian Parent

from Texas

product managing and developing one click transformation

Picture of Brennan Townley

Brennan Townley

from St. Paul

connecting people at the right time, for the right reason at the right place

Picture of Abdolreza Abi Assadi

Abdolreza Abi Assadi

from Minneapolis

commercializing anerobic digestion systems

Picture of Mark Sylvester

Mark Sylvester

from Minnetonka Beach

Inspiring positive change

Picture of Kelvin Johnson

Kelvin Johnson

from Minneapolis

Advising, Investing, Leading, Selling, Operating, Strategizing, Financing.

Picture of Clarence Bischoff

Clarence Bischoff

from Welch

Advocating for Aquaculture.'

Picture of Annamarie Saarinen

Annamarie Saarinen

from St. Paul

bringing maternal, newborn and pediatric health to the forefront of everything we do

Picture of Scott Munsterman

Scott Munsterman

from Eden Prairie

empowering communities

Picture of Lori Most

Lori Most

from Bloomington

providing mobile health solutions to those who can't easily reach support

Picture of Brooke Barrett

Brooke Barrett

from The United States

leveraging innovative solutions to bridge gaps in education and resources.

Picture of Scott Carpenter

Scott Carpenter

from St. Paul

providing location and health wearables

Picture of John Nealon

John Nealon

from Minneapolis

cultivating innovation.

Picture of Claudette Charpenter

Claudette Charpenter

from Minnesota

finding, listening, focusing, providing, helping, and securing

Picture of Prashubh Batham

Prashubh Batham

from Minnesota

providing software and professional services solutions

Picture of Kathy Tune

Kathy Tune

from Minnesota

Strategizing M&A Transactions.

Picture of Cindy Jorgensen

Cindy Jorgensen

from Minnetonka

attending, learning, connecting, and creating