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Sam from Chicago is working to transform Minnesota by ‘organizing and leading innovation workshops to address healthcare disparities.’.

Sam Fredin is a dynamic problem solver who brings his expertise in design thinking to the forefront of healthcare solutions. Hailing from Chicago, Sam is determined to unite and transform Minnesota by applying his unique skills to tackle pressing issues in the state.

With a passion for innovation, Sam's workshops are designed to engage key stakeholders and foster collaboration among diverse groups. By incorporating design thinking methodologies, he empowers participants to think creatively and develop practical solutions to healthcare challenges. Sam's keen ability to cultivate a supportive and inclusive environment allows for open dialogue and the exploration of fresh perspectives.

Minnesota faces various healthcare issues that demand attention, and Sam is ready to make a difference. By organizing and leading these innovation workshops, he aims to unite individuals from different sectors and backgrounds to address disparities in access to healthcare, improve patient outcomes, and enhance overall system efficiency. Through his strategic facilitation and infectious enthusiasm, Sam inspires participants to think outside the box and cultivate lasting change in Minnesota's healthcare landscape.

In addition to his expertise in design thinking, Sam also understands the importance of taking a localized approach to problem-solving. He recognizes that Minnesota has unique challenges and opportunities within its healthcare system and will tailor his workshops to address these specific concerns. By combining his experience with the insights and knowledge of local stakeholders, Sam ensures that the solutions born from his workshops will be relevant, impactful, and transformative.

Overall, Sam Fredin is a compassionate and driven individual who is eager to utilize his skills in design thinking to unite and transform Minnesota's healthcare landscape. Through engaging workshops and his unwavering commitment to inclusivity, Sam's contributions will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact in the state.

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Sam's work aligns with 5 of the United Nations.
Sustainable Development Goals.

To end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all - Sam’s work contributes towards the 5 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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Picture of Sam Fredin

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  • Motivating and driving others to action

  • Prioritizing personal career advancement over job security

  • Making a decision more quickly than most people


Sam is likely to be assertive and bold. They are likely to appreciate when others are confident and to-the-point. Push for your ideas or opinions, but be prepared to support your reasoning.

When speaking to Sam

  • Project boldness and confidence

  • Share a compelling story

  • Bring lots of energy to the conversation


Sam is often motivated by ambitious goals and exciting competition. They tend to find value in achievement and feel energized when they accomplish something great.

What motivates Sam

  • Winning other people over

  • Leading others

  • Bold ideas


Sam likes challenge, so don’t hesitate to call them out. They can have a big personality, so don’t be shy if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Speak up and get their attention. Expect some friendly competition, but know that they are focused on the team’s best interest. Take confident action to earn their respect and keep it by delivering on promises and discovering new opportunities.

When working with Sam

  • Maintain a fast work pace

  • Don't be afraid to take risks

  • Let them take the lead

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healthcare solutions

Graduate Resident

Assistant Estate Manager

Account Representative

Associate Analyst

UX Analyst

Consulting Manager

Agricultural Assistant

Resident Assistant





healthcare solutions

Graduate Resident

Assistant Estate Manager

Account Representative

Associate Analyst

UX Analyst

Consulting Manager

Agricultural Assistant

Resident Assistant



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Vincent Pecararo
Digital Transformation Leader, Department of Defense

Digital Transformation
Daycare Management

Contracting details
Concrete evidence



Colter Lease
Art Director, Creative Lead, theDifference Consulting

Art Direction
Spray Pain Art
Artificial Intelligence




Nathalia Luna
Solution Designer, theDifference Consulting

Data science
Design Thinking
Real Time Work

Remote Working
Real time feedback
Quick thinking



Jack Burgess
Facilitator, theDifference Consulting

Landscape Painting
Design Methodology

Rural settings
Artistic Influence
MGT Models
Low tech



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