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Picture of Jack

Jack from California is working to transform Minnesota by ‘crafting, skating, designer and producing real change’.

Jack Burgess is a unique individual with a passion for restoring Winnebagos, designing skateboards, and solving complex problems with his masterful solution-designing skills. He is known for his commanding presence in front of a room, making him a natural facilitator and leader. Despite his impressive abilities, Jack is always looking for ways to improve, currently focusing on honing his sales skills.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Jack is also an accomplished artist and scribe, known for his beautiful hand-written agendas and detailed drawings. His jolly appearance, complete with a full white beard, has earned him the nickname Santa Claus among his friends and colleagues.

Minnesotans should be proud to reach out to Jack because of his unique combination of talents and expertise. His ability to restore old Winnebagos and design innovative skateboards makes him a valuable asset to any team, while his facilitation skills and problem-solving abilities make him a valuable resource for any organization. His friendly, approachable demeanor and keen attention to detail make him a joy to work with, making Jack the perfect person to reach out to for any project or collaboration.

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Jack's work aligns with 5 of the United Nations.
Sustainable Development Goals.

To end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all - Jack’s work contributes towards the 5 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

There is no point of United We Transform and working smart locally if we don’t connect to our wider humanity.

Jack will cut through "Minnesota Nice” by sharing ‘their’ personality.

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Picture of Jack Burgess

Jack tends to be very loyal, considerate, and open with emotions.


Jack will likely trust in what you're selling more if he has a chance to connect with you on a deeper level. Throughout the discussion, bring in personal information to help him build confidence in you as a person.

What comes naturally to Jack

  • Losing track of time while working

  • Feeling sad if an accomplishment goes unrecognized

  • Openly discussing emotions


Jack is relentlessly optimistic and appreciates friendly, transparent conversation. Expect him to initiate side conversations to talk about life outside of work. Affirm his ideas and let him know that you're listening to him when in conversation.

When speaking to Jack

  • Validate his ideas

  • Avoid being overly critical

  • Use warm, inviting language


Jack is people-oriented and thrives on building new relationships. If you can make him feel accepted and included in a group, he will happily work on any task. He will enjoy being asked for advice and will happily stop to explain the situation to his co-workers.

What motivates Jack

  • Engaging conversation

  • Positive verbal recognition

  • Connecting deeply with others


If you have an issue with Jack or need to give him constructive criticism, it is best to do it in person. He will appreciate people who are approachable and help make peace and create harmony in his work environment. Empathy likely comes naturally to him, making him a community leader and a source of trust for his team.

When working with Jack

  • Hold regular team gatherings

  • Verbally praise and appreciate good work

  • Cultivate a sense of team spirit

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Graphic Facilitator

Co Founder

Difference Consulting



Graphic Facilitator

Co Founder

Difference Consulting

We share this information in order to break down silos, enable learning from others and empower collaboration across Minnesota.

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How can we influence the media with our corporate budgets to make the changes necessary in our state?

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To collaborate better, we need to connect across silos. We need to connect better within silos. Often times the best answer is just a cubicle away that you never would have thought of. Sometimes it is an ocean away.

We are now simply providing people here to help you connect and be more successful in your career, but right now… for Minnesota!

Vincent Pecararo
Digital Transformation Leader, Department of Defense

Digital Transformation
Daycare Management

Contracting details
Concrete evidence



Colter Lease
Art Director, Creative Lead, theDifference Consulting

Art Direction
Spray Pain Art
Artificial Intelligence




Nathalia Luna
Solution Designer, theDifference Consulting

Data science
Design Thinking
Real Time Work

Remote Working
Real time feedback
Quick thinking



Jack Burgess
Facilitator, theDifference Consulting

Landscape Painting
Design Methodology

Rural settings
Artistic Influence
MGT Models
Low tech



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