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Steven from Dayton is working to transform Minnesota by ‘building coalitions, listening, advocating, promoting equality and justice.’.

Steven Smith is a native of Dayton known for his kind and helpful demeanor. He has a passion for creating unity and positive change in his community, and now he is looking to do the same on a larger scale in Minnesota. Steven sees the many issues facing the state such as racial and economic disparities, policy conflicts, and environmental concerns, and already has a plan in place to help address them.

To create change, Steven plans to work towards building coalitions between different groups, actively listen to constituents, and advocate for policies that will promote equality and justice. He believes that uniting people from all backgrounds is the best way to make progress towards a better future for everyone. Steven also recognizes the importance of protecting the environment, and aims to promote sustainability in every aspect of his work.

Minnesota is a complex state with a diverse population, and Steven knows that the road to change will not be an easy one. But with his experience in community organizing and his unwavering dedication to justice, he is well-equipped to face these challenges head on. Steven believes in the power of people working together to create a more just and equitable society, and is committed to helping transform Minnesota into a place where everyone can thrive.

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Steven's work aligns with 5 of the United Nations.
Sustainable Development Goals.

To end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all - Steven’s work contributes towards the 5 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

There is no point of United We Transform and working smart locally if we don’t connect to our wider humanity.

Steven will cut through "Minnesota Nice” by sharing ‘their’ personality.

This is an AI generated perspective of Steven’s personality. Research indicates accuracy of 95% for anyone with an online social presence.

Picture of Steven Smith

Steven is likely a natural problem-solver, separating emotions from decision-making.


Be clear and specific when pitching to Steven. Address problems head-on, rather than tiptoeing around them. Offer a detailed explanation about how you plan to resolve any issues that may come up.

What comes naturally to Steven

  • Enjoying thorough spreadsheets

  • Reviewing all of the facts when processing a situation

  • Experimenting with many solutions to a problem


Make sure to use data when trying to prove your point. Expect Steven to challenge you, and be prepared to present proven facts and statistics instead of stories and anecdotes.

When speaking to Steven

  • Remain logical and objective

  • Trust that they will follow specific verbal instructions

  • Start conversations with an issue to resolve


Steven is motivated by curiosity and accuracy. He will thrive in situations where he can solve problems using logic and creativity. Steven always strives for accuracy and can work through seemingly impossible scenarios, especially when others may be skeptical.

What motivates Steven

  • Order and organization

  • Finding the best possible outcome

  • Accuracy & precision


Steven is naturally authoritative and thinks practically when faced with conflict. He will gravitate toward similarly assertive people who share his ideals and lofty goals.

When working with Steven

  • Set clear expectations

  • Allow your ideas to be put to the test

  • Count on them to keep things on track

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We share this information in order to break down silos, enable learning from others and empower collaboration across Minnesota.

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Vincent Pecararo
Digital Transformation Leader, Department of Defense

Digital Transformation
Daycare Management

Contracting details
Concrete evidence



Colter Lease
Art Director, Creative Lead, theDifference Consulting

Art Direction
Spray Pain Art
Artificial Intelligence




Nathalia Luna
Solution Designer, theDifference Consulting

Data science
Design Thinking
Real Time Work

Remote Working
Real time feedback
Quick thinking



Jack Burgess
Facilitator, theDifference Consulting

Landscape Painting
Design Methodology

Rural settings
Artistic Influence
MGT Models
Low tech



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