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Madeleine from Washington is working to transform Minnesota by ‘prioritizing access to healthcare, affordable housing, and fair wages.’.

Madeleine Thompson is a seasoned leader from Washington who is dedicated to the cause of creating a united and transformed Minnesota. She has a wealth of experience in community organizing, human rights advocacy, and political campaigning. Madeleine is driven by a deep passion for social justice and equality, and she is committed to fighting against discrimination and inequality in all its forms.

In her quest to unite and transform Minnesota, Madeleine Thompson is focusing on a number of key issues that are impacting the state's residents. She is prioritizing concerns around access to quality healthcare, affordable housing, and fair wages for workers. Additionally, she is working to address the racial disparities that exist in the state, particularly in regards to education and criminal justice reform.

Madeleine Thompson is a tireless advocate for change, and she is dedicated to building coalitions and partnerships that will help drive progress forward in Minnesota. She is passionate about empowering community leaders and grassroots organizations to take action and create positive change in their neighborhoods. Madeleine believes that by working together, Minnesotans can create a brighter and more equitable future for themselves and future generations.

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Madeleine's work aligns with 5 of the United Nations.
Sustainable Development Goals.

To end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all - Madeleine’s work contributes towards the 5 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

There is no point of United We Transform and working smart locally if we don’t connect to our wider humanity.

Madeleine will cut through "Minnesota Nice” by sharing ‘their’ personality.

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Picture of Madeleine Thompson

Madeleine is primarily driven by logic: accurate, task-oriented, cautious, and logical decision-making.


Madeleine tends to seek functional solutions for problems they may face. When selling to them, explain how your product will help solve an issue they have. Discuss what it'll cost in both time and money.

What comes naturally to Madeleine

  • Making decisions based on logical analysis

  • Having a well-organized area

  • Providing clear expectations and guidelines


Madeleine tends to prioritize detailed information. She can be very literal and formal, so avoid being sarcastic. Share important details and address any of her concerns in a thorough and logical way.

When speaking to Madeleine

  • Provide your reasoning before you get to the bottom line

  • Start conversations with an issue to resolve

  • Ask lots of questions to keep their attention


Madeleine thrives when working on her own. Generally reserved, Madeleine tends to enjoy space to thoroughly consider possible solutions and outcomes before making a decision. She likes asking clarifying questions and following specific, reliable rules or procedures.

What motivates Madeleine

  • Fixing problems

  • Being correct

  • Accuracy & precision


Madeleine is a practical problem-solver who values her independence. She likes to take her time really weighing her choices before making a firm decision. She brings a grounding sense of logic to a team.

When working with Madeleine

  • Recognize and trust his skill

  • Count on them to keep things on track

  • Compliment quality of their work

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We share this information in order to break down silos, enable learning from others and empower collaboration across Minnesota.

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Vincent Pecararo
Digital Transformation Leader, Department of Defense

Digital Transformation
Daycare Management

Contracting details
Concrete evidence



Colter Lease
Art Director, Creative Lead, theDifference Consulting

Art Direction
Spray Pain Art
Artificial Intelligence




Nathalia Luna
Solution Designer, theDifference Consulting

Data science
Design Thinking
Real Time Work

Remote Working
Real time feedback
Quick thinking



Jack Burgess
Facilitator, theDifference Consulting

Landscape Painting
Design Methodology

Rural settings
Artistic Influence
MGT Models
Low tech



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