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Stephen from California is working to transform Minnesota by ‘advocating for accessible and affordable housing policies in Minnesota’.

Stephen Burke is a seasoned activist and community leader from California who has recently set his sights on addressing the social issues facing Minnesota. He is passionate about creating change through unity and coalition-building. With his experience in working with diverse communities, Stephen believes that it is possible to bring together people from all walks of life to promote positive change in Minnesota.

One of the key issues that Stephen hopes to address in Minnesota is affordable housing. He has seen firsthand how gentrification and rising housing costs can displace vulnerable communities and lead to homelessness. Stephen plans to work with local organizations to advocate for policies that make housing more accessible and affordable for all Minnesotans.

Another issue that is close to Stephen's heart is racial justice. He believes that Minnesota has a long way to go in terms of dismantling systemic racism. Stephen will be collaborating with BIPOC-led organizations and individuals to raise awareness about racial injustice and put pressure on policymakers to enact meaningful changes.

Ultimately, Stephen's goal is to create a more equitable and just Minnesota for all its residents. He is excited to bring his knowledge and skills to the state and work alongside local organizations and community members who share his passion for social justice and transformative change.

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Stephen's work aligns with 5 of the United Nations.
Sustainable Development Goals.

To end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all - Stephen’s work contributes towards the 5 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

There is no point of United We Transform and working smart locally if we don’t connect to our wider humanity.

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Picture of Stephen Burke

Stephen values logic and efficiency.


When selling to Stephen make sure to defend your product in comparison to similar products. Discuss why you're the best choice and support your claims with concrete proof and evidence.

What comes naturally to Stephen

  • Valuing accuracy above most things

  • Making decisions based purely on logic

  • Absorbing information more quickly than others


Make sure to use data when trying to prove your point. Expect Stephen to challenge you, and be prepared to present proven facts and statistics instead of stories and anecdotes.

When speaking to Stephen

  • Stay objective rather than emotional

  • Share your qualifications or expertise

  • Be prepared for pushback


Stephen is motivated by curiosity and accuracy. He will thrive in situations where he can solve problems using logic and creativity. Stephen always strives for accuracy and can work through seemingly impossible scenarios, especially when others may be skeptical.

What motivates Stephen

  • Eliminating waste and inefficiency

  • Detailed evidence

  • Proven solutions


Stephen is naturally authoritative and thinks practically when faced with conflict. He will gravitate toward similarly assertive people who share his ideals and lofty goals.

When working with Stephen

  • Process conflict logically

  • Maintain high standards for your work

  • Support any claims with proof

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US Air Force Reserve

Loadmaster Instructor Aircrew

Standardization Loadmaster

Airlift Squadron

Loadmaster Training

C-17A Standardization

Evaluation Loadmaster

Operations Group

Air Force

US Air Force Reserve

Loadmaster Instructor Aircrew

Standardization Loadmaster

Airlift Squadron

Loadmaster Training

C-17A Standardization

Evaluation Loadmaster

Operations Group

Air Force

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Vincent Pecararo
Digital Transformation Leader, Department of Defense

Digital Transformation
Daycare Management

Contracting details
Concrete evidence



Colter Lease
Art Director, Creative Lead, theDifference Consulting

Art Direction
Spray Pain Art
Artificial Intelligence




Nathalia Luna
Solution Designer, theDifference Consulting

Data science
Design Thinking
Real Time Work

Remote Working
Real time feedback
Quick thinking



Jack Burgess
Facilitator, theDifference Consulting

Landscape Painting
Design Methodology

Rural settings
Artistic Influence
MGT Models
Low tech



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